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Event Planning

How to Say Thank You to Your Event Sponsors

A2Z Team August 19, 2020
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If you’re trying to find some simple ways to make a great impression with your event sponsors, look no further! Check out how you can say thank you (without much effort) and keep your sponsors coming back year after year.

Promote on your event website

Start by creating a sponsor section on your event website where you can thank your sponsors collectively. Add more value by giving each sponsor a unique profile that includes a brief description, logo, and contact information. You can even increase the amount of words or information allotted to your sponsors based on their investment level and sponsorship package.

Go the extra mile by: having sponsors provide links to content or a promotional video you can post to boost engagement on your event website and/or virtual event registration platform.

Spotlight posts on your social media channels

Highlight your sponsors on your social media channels, especially before, during, and after your event. They’ll appreciate that added value, and it’ll give you a chance to hype up sponsored aspects of the event. And, if they post about your event, interacting with the post is a MUST! Like, comment, and/or share it ASAP.

Go the extra mile by: allow them to submit the copy and images for you to post. This will allow them to have more control over the messaging and what they are trying to market.

On-site or virtual exposure and attendee engagement

One of the biggest benefits of being a sponsor is the exposure at your event, so make it worth their while! Be thinking about:

  • Noticeable sponsor signage or logo display
  • A promotional exhibitor booth or web page that will get a lot of great attendee traffic
  • Verbal announcements thanking your sponsors by name
  • Option to give out attendee swag with your event check-in or mail post-event

Go the extra mile by: giving them some microphone time to give a short one to three minute pitch to your attendees.

Send snail mail

Who doesn’t love getting real mail these days? Taking the time to write a simple thank you note will show your sponsors that their investment is meaningful to the success of your event. Besides, developing a relationship with your sponsors could lead to more shared value down the road!

Go the extra mile by: sending them a small gift basket and/or package of swag to share and enjoy with their staff.

Send a post-event survey to gather sponsor feedback

After the event, it’s important to give your sponsors the opportunity to provide open and honest feedback. Make sure to ask questions revolving around the quality of engagement with attendees, leads generated, and their overall experience to show that you are dedicated to best serving your sponsor’s needs in the future.

Go the extra mile by: following up personally after they complete the survey. You can use this as an opportunity to address any issues, inquire about a survey response, and gauge interest for next year.