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Case Study

ASLA’s Efficiency Boost: Cost Savings with A2Z Events Software 

asla case study


In the dynamic world of event management, efficiency and financial savviness significantly influence success. The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), a respected organization dedicated to the landscape architecture profession, recognized the need to optimize its event management processes and sought a robust solution.


ASLA faced major credit card fees that bloated the exhibits’ costs. ASLA wanted a way to avoid these costs while also offering exhibitors and sponsors the ability to avoid these fees using other methods, such as electronic checks or ACH. They also had to upgrade financial systems to streamline invoicing, payments, collections, and reporting for audits.


ASLA has been using A2Z Events Management Software since 2010 but turned to the team at A2Z to help further maximize their use of the platform since A2Z and its preferred payment solutions tackle financial and operational obstacles. This extensive platform provided integrated tools to organize all facets of event planning and execution, including a refined financial system. William Hutabarat, ASLA’s Manager of Partnership Administration, quickly recognized A2Z Events’ potential to transform its event management and financial operations.


The ASLA’s adoption of A2Z Events was transformative. By streamlining financial processes, the intuitive software saved the organization $30,000 in credit card fees for their conference, a substantial benefit. The accelerated payment collection and processing catalyzed the ASLA’s financial health, demonstrating the platform’s remarkable efficiency. Hutabarat highly praised the software’s capabilities.

Its seamless integration into ASLA’s operations had a notable impact, enhancing collections, expediting payments, and streamlining audits. Furthermore, the detailed reporting functionality enabled the ASLA to maintain and scrutinize year-over-year data, helping streamline financial audits and pandemic-related issues.

“Choosing A2Z Events is more than just a wise decision; it’s an investment that yields substantial returns,” says Hutabarat. “Having come from association management, I worked with many platforms; A2Z swiftly recoups its cost through the immense savings it offers, making it an undeniable value proposition. I cannot emphasize enough how strongly I endorse this solution.


The American Society of Landscape Architects provides an excellent case study on optimizing event management through technology.  Their adoption of the A2Z Events software catalyzed noteworthy improvements, including substantial cost reductions in credit card fees alongside major gains in financial operational efficiency. “It literally pays for itself,” says Hutabarat. Such tangible results and enthusiastic reviews spotlight A2Z Events as an outstanding solution for streamlining critical event administration and financial processes across various professional domains.

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