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Say Goodbye to Hassle: The Ultimate Badge Printing Solution

Create an impactful first impression with a seamless and enjoyable badge printing experience that will delight your attendees. With the flexibility to import badge data from many sources, you are able to guarantee high quality and accuracy as part of a simple check-in and badge printing process.

Connecting made easy

Streamline check-in

Our badge printing system seamlessly integrates with various sources of attendee data, allowing for a smooth and efficient check-in process.

Elevate attendee

First impressions are crucial, and our badge printing experience is designed to create a lasting one.

Minimize errors and waste

Our solution guarantees high-level accuracy, reducing the potential for errors and waste from misprinted badges.
Connecting made easy

Badge builder

Easily create badges for your event with our robust badge builder, customizing fonts, font sizes, colors and data to create an effective and attractive design. With an easy-to-navigate platform and options to preview your badge with event data, you’ll be able to finalize your layout in no time.


Kiosk customization

Empower attendees to check-in and print their own badges with an A2Z kiosk. The look and feel of this check-in process can be customized with your event’s branding, as well as sponsor logos and other items. Set-up and preview options are accessible in-platform during your event’s planning process, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about once you get onsite.

We love that we have a one-stop shop with A2Z Events. With limited resources, we need software that acts as an extension of our team. Their personalized treatment sets them apart from other event registration companies we’ve used in the past.
Keith Gourlay Executive Director New Jersey School Buildings and Grounds Association 

Printer setup

Utilize as many printers and kiosks as needed to meet attendee demand and reduce wait time in line. Easily set up printers with the help of an intuitive user interface and setup guides.


Badge preview screens

Easily verify badge information and make changes in real time in the badge administration screen. This can be done before the event or at the event as needed. The badge preview also allows event staff to see all badges that are slated to be printed with options to make quick updates that help avoid misprints and reprints.


Avery badge printing

For events with less-robust badging needs, our platform now enables you to print basic badges using a variety of Avery templates. Simply create your badge design in our badge builder using a supported template and load up your printer with the appropriate stock paper.

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Get your A2Z demo

See how A2Z Events can help you streamline operations and maximize revenue so you can grow your events in ways you never thought possible.