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Event Planning

Selling Event Sponsorships: A Checklist for Success

A2Z Team October 17, 2018
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Thinking about reevaluating your event sponsorship program to spruce it up? Sponsors can add some amazing resources to your events that can take them to the next level (think more funds, advertising, and manpower). However, convincing companies to become sponsors can be another story.

If you’re feeling unsure of where to start, let us help!

Take a look at our checklist to see how you can make event sponsorship appealing again!

Establish your ideal sponsor list

  • Brainstorm your target audience
  • Understand their pain and passion points
  • Locate and contact the decision maker

Use data to prove value

  • Create a specific landing page for sponsors
  • Highlight positive feedback from previous sponsors
  • Provide attendee demographics
  • Show your previous show’s results
    • Positive company feedback on social media sites
    • Higher numbers of customers referrals
    • Higher retention rate from existing customers

Offer appealing incentives

  • Make sure the sponsorship value matches the cost
  • Design your event to be attractive to sponsors
    • Speaking opportunities
    • Hosting networking events
    • Provide tables or booth space
    • Offer advertising

Create a sponsorship proposal

If you’re like most organizations, you probably have a million things to do and not many people to help. So when it comes to event planning, you might begin feeling you’re in over your head. Don’t fret! We are here to help!