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Event Planning

The Pros and Cons of Hosting Eco-Friendly Events

A2Z Team December 19, 2018
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No matter your industry, event attendees are expecting you (now more than ever) to consider the environmental footprint caused by your event. Think about it: gas for transportation, plastic cutlery for catering, paper for your agendas – the list goes on!

Consider these pros and cons on eco-friendly initiatives to help make your next event season more environmentally conscious where you can!

Going paperless

While not a new idea, you’d be surprised to see how many events are still using paper for everything!

Pros: With mobile devices more popular than ever, the need to use paper for your on-site materials is becoming obsolete with technology like conference event apps.

Cons: If for whatever reason your mobile app or event website goes down, you may want to have a back up plan. Some examples include emailing a copy of your agenda to your attendees, posting a copy on your social media pages, etc.

Local vs corporate vendors

Who doesn’t love promoting and supporting their local community?

Pros: Using local vendors will more often provide a more personal experience to your attendees, as these people share a part in your community. In addition, you can often get special perks using local, such as getting in-season menus from your caterers or having expert knowledge on setting up in certain venues.

Cons: The obvious con to using local vendors is the price tag. Mom and pop places can sometimes be more expensive and more limiting in options in comparison to going the corporate route.

Trash and recycling stations

When better to break out the ole’ “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” than at your event!

Pros: Having trash and recycling stations will help your attendees easily separate their used materials – just make sure to keep them in separate locations to avoid easy mix ups! In addition, a lot of venues already have water conservation and recycling programs, so make sure to ask.

Cons: If you aren’t thoughtful about the setup, recycling can be a big pain for any event planner. Many attendees will can get annoyed or confused if you don’t have clear instructions, so make sure to spell it out!

Using Public Transportation

One of the easiest ways to jump on the eco-friendly train is to choose a venue that is near public transportation and easily walkable.

Pros: The obvious wins for public transportation include lessening the gas usage and carbon emissions of your attendees while also greatly lessening the space needed for parking.

Cons: You may limit your viable locations when looking to be close to a public transportation station, which could increase your overhead cost. In addition, if the weather is poor on the day of your event, you may need to have a backup parking location to recommend to your attendees.