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Event Planning

10 Post Event Survey Questions to Ask Your Attendees

A2Z Team July 8, 2021
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Phew! Your event has ended and now you can finally kick up your feet and relax, right?! Well…almost.

Experiences matter. It is vital to get valuable attendee feedback after any event. To get useful insight, it is important to ask the right post-event survey questions. Here are ten example questions you should ask following your next event.

10 Questions to Ask Attendees in Your Post-Event Surveys:

  1. How satisfied were you with the event?

    Ask your attendees to rate their satisfaction with key factors of their event experience. Include things like date, location, speakers, sponsors, and breakout sessions. Present them with follow up questions about the most important elements of the event, like the keynote speaker.

  2. Would you attend future conferences? Why?

    This question is a tell-tale sign of attendee satisfaction. You will also have a better understanding of how many visitors plan to attend next year, because it’s a lot easier to encourage repeat attendees than to grow a whole new audience.

  3. What areas can we improve?

    Give your audience a chance to provide you with constructive feedback by offering an open-ended request. This allows for the chance to elaborate on their comments and critiques.

  4. Would you recommend this conference to others?

    This response can be an effective indicator of the level of satisfaction from your attendee base.

  5. Were you satisfied with the amount of networking opportunities?

    Networking is crucial for any event. To monitor engagement, be sure to ask about communication opportunities.

  6. What did you like most about the event? What was your favorite moment?

    It’s important to leave the floor open for positive feedback too. Keep track of the notable moments that your attendees enjoyed so you know what to bring to your next event.

  7. Was enough time provided for discussion?

    Informative content is important but be sure to keep attendees engaged! Interaction can be just as meaningful. Finding the balance between instruction and conversation is an integral part of the event experience.

  8. What type of session content do you want to see at future events?

    Allow your attendees to share what they prefer to see at your next event. This will make the planning process easier as you decide on key speakers and agenda details.

  9. What features in the event platform did you feel were most useful?

    Remember, collecting feedback about your event website or app is practical. Online components can be a key asset of your event so you’ll want an idea of how attendees interact with them.

  10. What other feedback you would like to share?

    You want to make your post-event survey short and sweet while collecting the best possible feedback. So, chances are your questions won’t address everything. This open-ended response allows you to catch any outstanding comments and topics that weren’t specifically covered in the previous questions.

    Post-event surveys can help you plan for the future. Asking the right questions will assist in keeping relevant session content while increasing activity and engagement. Be prompt in sending out your survey once the event concludes. You’ll want to send the opportunity for feedback while it’s still fresh.

    Don’t panic if you notice a low response rate upon your initial send. Give your attendees time to settle! Whether virtual or in person, allow your attendees a moment to regroup. The feedback will soon follow.

All in all, it’s hard work planning an event from start to finish. After sessions have concluded, you’ll want to throw in the towel. However, post-event details are an integral part of the event process. It’s important to tackle this step too! Need assistance? We’re here to help.