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Event Planning

Event Swag: What’s Worth Bringing?

A2Z Team July 31, 2019
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Who doesn’t love getting some free swag at events?? We know we do! Handing out company swag is a great way to promote your company, especially at events like trade shows that have an expo hall.

The question is however… how much swag is TOO much swag? What items are even worth bringing?

These are important things to consider when preparing for your next event. The general rule of thumb should be that your promotional items should be both unique and useful to the attendees. Still confused on what items that actually constitutes? We can help! Check out some specific examples below of some of the best swag to bring to events.

Have Some Utility

At events, it can be almost overwhelming how much free swag an attendee can get in just a few hours. You want to make sure that your item (or items) will stand out from the rest. What’s one way to do that? Make sure your swag is going to be useful to the attendees! If your items are something they can actually use at a later time, attendees will keep your swag around instead of throwing it away.

Flash Drives

Flash drives are a fantastic item to give away at events! With how digital our world is getting, everyone can always use an extra flash drive to store important files and such. Especially at a conference, where people are likely to bring their laptops around to take notes anyways, flash drives can be an invaluable tool for the attendees.

Water Bottles

The wonderful thing about water bottles, is you can NEVER have too many! People always need to be hydrated, and especially if you are outdoors or at an all-day event. Water bottles have a great placement for your logo, which will also keep your organization fresh in the attendees’ minds – long after they leave your event.

Showcase Your Creativity

Again, you want your swag to stand out above and beyond all the rest that’s getting handed out. Another way to do this is to be creative with the items you hand out. Use your creativity with the design of the items and make them unique and different from the other items out there.


Stickers are a fabulous opportunity to showcase your organization’s logo in a creative way. Be unique! Don’t be afraid to play around with the design a little bit to make it visually appealing. Stickers are also currently making a comeback with the younger generation! You can see young adults everywhere with stickers on their laptops or phones – this demonstrates another fantastic opportunity to get your brand out there, not only to the attendees but to anyone who sees their stickers.


T-shirts are another wonderful avenue to show off creativity. And even better, they have a larger space to be creative on than stickers. Use t-shirts to display the company logo and colors in a fun way. Don’t be afraid to try to incorporate some of the company values too, to show people what your organization is all about! If you make a design that resonates with your audience, people will want to wear it! (And that’s free promotion!)

Swag is a great form of promotion at events for your company and your brand. But, don’t just give attendees every kind of swag under the sun; think long and hard about what makes sense for your organization and what resonates with your audience the most. . That way attendees will actually use and enjoy the items you give them for a long time.