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Enhanced Digital Content: Increase Exhibitor Visibility and Grow Event Revenue

Marlena Moore August 26, 2022
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Your events are crucial to your organization and the exhibitors that attend them. Whether you’re hosting a multi-day conference or a one-day trade show, it’s important that your exhibitors and attendees make the most of their limited time engaging with one another.  

The Enhanced Digital Content (EDC) program from A2Z Events by Personify can help your exhibitors extend their reach, generate leads, and gain customers. We offer a few different options for organizations to take advantage of EDC depending on their organization’s size, internal resources and needs.  

What is Enhanced Digital Content (EDC)?

EDC is a tool that enables exhibitors to create robust online profiles in the exhibitor console within the A2Z Events platform. This customizable profile allows exhibitors to add product information, show specials, press releases, video galleries and more. Think of the profile as an exhibitor’s content-rich digital booth that is available before, during and after the event.  

EDC enriches the event experience for both attendees and exhibitors:  

  • Attendees can access exhibitor profiles before the event to plan out which booths they want to visit and connect with exhibitors before stepping onto the show floor. Additionally, the EDC tool benefits attendees unable to attend the event in person to interact with exhibitors digitally and recreate some of the in-person experience. 
  • Exhibitors have increased visibility to attendees and potential customers at the event. They can elicit more show leads by promoting show specials, giveaways, etc. on their digital profile to increase the percent of folks that visit their booth in person. By creating a robust online profile, exhibitors can turn the conversations with attendees from “What do you offer?” to “I’m interested in this product I read about on your profile.” 

How Does Enhanced Digital Content Work?

There are a few different ways that an A2Z Events client can leverage EDC. Personify has an in-house Digital Engagement Team (DET) that will manage all aspects of the EDC program on behalf of clients. The DET works with you to make sure your exhibitors and attendees have a seamless user experience from program setup to marketing, post show reporting and analysis. They generate additional revenue to A2Z Events clients at no cost to them by offering online marketing opportunities to their show’s exhibitors through the Enhanced Digital Content Partnership Program (EDCP).  

Alternatively, an A2Z Events client can purchase the EDC functionality and manage it themselves if they have the resources and bandwidth. 

Why is Enhanced Digital Content Valuable to Exhibitors?

Nothing is worse than going to an event as an exhibitor, spending time, money, and resources to generate few or poor-quality leads. We find that exhibitors who add rich content to their online profiles typically generate 3X more profile visits, have more meaningful engagement, and gather a higher number of leads.  

We find that exhibitors who add rich content to their online profiles typically generate 3X more profile visits, have more meaningful engagement, and gather a higher number of leads.  

The ability to showcase their company through enhanced content galleries gives organizations higher visibility over a longer period of time, as opposed to only a physical exhibitor booth.  

Exhibitors and attendees can also utilize the matchmaking feature in their profiles. By selecting what they are seeking to get out of the event, attendees will be matched with exhibitors that offer relevant products or solutions.  

Attendees will be able to prioritize the booths they visit, and Exhibitors in return will receive more engaged attendees. This allows for both attendees and exhibitors to maximize their time at the event and optimize their experience by finding their event match! 

How EDC Makes an Event Successful and Profitable

I’ve mentioned how EDC benefits exhibitors and attendees, but what about the event organizers? Well, having happy people who are able to meet their lead and revenue goals will keep coming back to your event year after year, improving your exhibitor retention rate and providing guaranteed revenue from their booth.  

Additionally, when you leverage our DET, you can save significant time and resources when planning and executing your event. 

 Utilizing the customized marketing our team provides, your event is elevated, from the website to email campaigns to event implementation. The DET team will also help adapt your strategy mid show if needed and at the end of your event you receive a post-show report with statistics and revenue breakdowns.  

Want to Learn More About Enhanced Digital Content?

If you’re interested in learning more about what A2Z Events can do for your next event through EDC, feel free to reach out to one of our team members. They’ll be able to answer any questions and build your strategy for digital success.