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10 Best Event Email Templates

A2Z Team April 7, 2020
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Are you racking your brain on what kind of email you should send to sell out your event? Or perhaps you’re searching for the right kinds of informational emails to send in the days leading up to your event? Then you’re in need of a wide range of event email templates that are fast, simple, and get the point across!

Check out our 10 best easy-to-use event email templates that you should send out to your attendees before your next event! Read carefully, the first 5 templates on our list are intended to drive registrations and sell out your event, while the last 5 templates keep your attendees’ interest piqued in the days leading up to your event. Make sure you read to the end for a bonus event email template!

We recommend using this base template to ensure you’ve included all key event details in your email. Then, you can modify and add a personal touch as necessary with our 10 outlined examples below!

Base Template:

Subject Line:Useful Information for [ event name]

Email: Hey [ name],

We can’t wait to welcome you [tomorrow, Friday, next week] for [event name]! We’re pretty confident that you’re going to love it.

Until then, take a look at the following event details to take full advantage of [event name].

  • Location:
    • Name of the venue
    • Physical address
    • Parking details
    • Hours
  • Schedule:
    • Link to agenda landing page
    • (and/or) Provide a brief agenda with a mini description with the corresponding time blocks
  • Speakers:
    • Highlight one speaker’s session
    • (and/or)Link to your speaker landing page
  • Networking Details:
    • Name of the location
    • Physical address
    • Parking details
    • Hours
    • Recommended attire

If you still have any questions, please reach out to . Looking forward to seeing you on [x date]!

10 Best Event Email Template Variations

Once you’ve used the above template, feel free to customize using the different event promotion ideas, headers, and Call to Action buttons below.

1. Announcement / Save the Date

It’s never too early to get your conference or event on people’s radar. Make sure your target audience knows when and where your event will take place with an “Announcement” email template, and send it at least a few months in advance so that any travel preparations or accommodations can be arranged. Keep it simple and streamlined.

If you’re still not ready for attendees to register, use the Call to Action button as an “opt-in” to create a priority email list for attendees who want to register.

Event Fest 2020!


When: November 1st – 3rd
Where: Atlantis, Bahamas

CTA: Save the Date!

2. Early Bird Pricing

An “Early Bird” event email template is a great way to jumpstart your event attendance with a boost. By offering a small discount, you’ll encourage attendees who may have been on the fence but are won over by snagging a deal. Make sure to use urgency and a value proposition to drive registration.

Event Fest 2020!

Snag your “Early Bird” tickets now and SAVE!


Normal Ticket Price: $899
Early Bird Special: $749!

But hurry, your early bird offer expires this weekend!

CTA: Get the Worm!

3. Speaker Spotlight

You’ve got an all-star lineup of speakers and panelists, so why not flaunt it with the “Speaker Spotlight” email template? Try to do as little explaining as possible and rely on the names if you can, though a short sentence blurb about who they are or the topic they’ll be covering is acceptable.

Alternatively, if you have a long list of speakers, use your Call to Action button to direct potential attendees to a landing page with a registration link.

Event Fest 2020 Speaker Lineup Announced!

See our Keynote Speaker and Apple CEO Tim Cook!


Impressed? Check out the rest of our lineup!

CTA: See the Speakers!

4. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

The FOMO (fear of missing out) template may be one of the strongest in the entire batch. In today’s cultural climate, being at the best events and having amazing experiences are a social currency worth much more than the cost of the ticket to your amazing event.

Leverage this with a countdown clock with a minor price cut and your attendees will be sprinting for their registration before you know it!

Event Fest 2020 Flash Sale!

We have just a few more seats to fill at our near-sold out event! We have a special promo pricing that saves you $100 on your ticket!

00   12 29       31

Days       Hrs   Mins         Seconds

Hurry though, this offer won’t last!

CTA: Save $100 Now!

5. Exclusive Event

One tactic to sell out your event is with an event email template that exudes exclusivity. Do this by requiring attendees to “apply” to your event and see if they’re accepted. This psychological trick will be sure to unleash the floodgates on your event registration process.

Think You Have What It Takes to Show Your Best at Event Fest 2020?

Apply today and compete with other top companies for a
seat at this year’s most exclusive event!


Application Deadline closes in 5 days!

CTA: Apply Today!

Ready to Start Planning Your Next Event?

6. Accommodations

Just because you’ve sold out your event doesn’t mean that communication stops. Keep your attendees informed of their options for accommodations if they’re traveling with the “Accommodations” event email template. You’ll ingratiate yourself with attendees by sending them recommendations or even a group rate for a hotel if you’re hosting the conference at that particular hotel.

Traveling to Event Fest 2020?

Check out our group rate on hotel rooms at the
International Hotel & Conference Center!


CTA: See the Options!

7. Conference App

A robust conference app is an absolute game changer when it comes to WOW-ing attendees on event day. Make sure that your attendees come prepared to your conference by informing them with this conference app email.

Event Fest 2020 Conference App

Did you know that Event Fest 2020 has its very own conference app?? Build your own itinerary, get instant notifications to any changes, chat with other attendees, take surveys to win prizes, and more!


Experience the difference!

CTA: Download the App!

8. Get the Deets

This event email template is the simplest and easiest way to give attendees all the information they need for your upcoming event. You can fill out all the information they need to know such as location, schedule, and after-the-event networking events on a separate landing page or as a downloadable PDF to keep the email short and sweet!

Event Fest 2020 Details

We are so excited to host you at Event Fest 2020! It’s going to be an amazing weekend filled with world class speakers, A+ panels, and key networking opportunities. Make sure you have all the information by clicking the link below!


Download the details now!

CTA: Download Details

9. Pre-Event Survey

Think it’s too early to survey your registrants? Think again! With the pre-event survey template you can glean invaluable information such as where your attendees are staying, if they’ll be coming in early to enjoy the city before your conference, or even just to know why they’re attending and what they’re most excited about!

This information can then be used for targeted sponsorship, forging strategic partnerships with nearby hotels, or to gain insights on your own event. One way to drive home participation is to offer an entry into a drawing for their responses.

Event Fest 2020 Quick Survey

Did you know that we’ll be holding a raffle at Event Fest 2020 with a grand prize worth over $1,000? Take our quick survey below for an extra 10 chances to win!


It only takes 2 minutes!

CTA: Take the Survey!

10. Sponsorships

Do your attendees represent companies who would love to advertise and sponsor your event? Reach out to your registrants and offer a chance for their company to be highlighted at your event! This is a win-win that puts money in your pocket and drums up business for your attendees.

Event Fest 2020 Sponsorships

Is your company looking for increased visibility at this event? Event Fest 2020 is looking
to round out its list of partners. Click the link below for more
details and to apply for a partnership!


Inquire for more information!

CTA: Partner Details

Bonus Template!

11. Ride the Wave

No doubt your event is going to have attendees absolutely thrilled – so why not ride the wave of emotion and excitement and offer them an opportunity to secure their ticket to next year’s event?

With the Ride the Wave event email template you’ll be doing just that. It’s never too early to start the event promotion process for your next event even if that’s right in the middle of your current event!

Event Fest 2021 Tickets

Are you enjoying Event Fest 2020? We just got word that we are now able to release a small portion of tickets with exclusive access to next year’s event!
Get them before they’re gone!


Plus, you can brag about your 2021 tickets at tomorrow’s workshop!

CTA: Get 2021 Tickets!

Ready to Start Planning Your Next Event? Let’s Connect.