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Case Study

Empowering Small Teams: A2Z Events’ Impact on NJSBGA’s Efficiency 



The New Jersey School Buildings and Grounds Association (NJSBGA) faced a common dilemma that plagues many small associations – the need for efficient event management and registration processes without overwhelming their limited resources. The team’s prior experience with various registration technologies, such as CVENT, was lacking in personalized treatment. The association required a solution to consolidate these services and wield them effectively while maintaining the personal touch often lacking in larger, standardized systems. 


Before the transition, NJSBGA already had an extremely positive experience using MemberClicks, a trusted Association Management Software (AMS) from Personify, for its administrative tasks and was keen on enhancing its operational efficiency without losing the personalized touch it valued. Recognizing the need to update their event management and registration processes, the NJSBGA discovered that Personify also offered a robust event services solution through A2Z Events.  

Opting for A2Z Events, they aimed to streamline cumbersome manual procedures by offering exhibitors greater control, such as allocating badge allotments based on booth size, while maintaining the personalized service they were known for. They also moved to using online contracts and booth selection to further reduce strain on the team.  

This strategic decision to integrate A2Z Events alongside MemberClicks resulted in a seamless blend of efficiency and personalized support, underlining A2Z Events not only as a tool but as a vital partner that embodies the NJSBGA’s community-focused mission. 


The transition to A2Z Events was a game-changer for the NJSBGA. The team expressed overwhelming satisfaction with the on-site support provided during their events, which was mentioned as “invaluable” in navigating and quickly resolving any issues. This partnership with A2Z Events streamlined the association’s event management and registration process and assured that the personalized treatment NJSBGA valued was preserved. Keith Headshot

“We love that we have a one-stop shop with A2Z Events. With limited resources, we need software that acts as an extension of our team. Their personalized treatment sets them apart from other event registration companies we’ve used in the past.” 

Keith Gourlay · Executive Director, New Jersey School Buildings and Grounds Association 


For a nonprofit with a modest team like the NJSBGA, finding solutions that extend capabilities while recognizing the value of a personal touch can be challenging. A2Z Events not only delivered on its promise to streamline processes but also on its unwavering support, displaying the empathy and understanding crucial to a small organization’s success. This case exemplifies how selecting the right partners is vital for enhancing operational efficiency and maintaining the quality of member services within a community-centered organization. 

A2Z Events’ commitment goes beyond software—it’s reshaping the way small organizations like NJSBGA envision their future in creating thriving educational environments. 

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