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Event Planning

Pay Attention to These Details on Your Event Confirmation Emails

A2Z Team January 30, 2019
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One advantage of using online event registration is getting the ability to automatically send event confirmation emails. While the main purpose of this email is to confirm that a registration has been received, it is also a perfect avenue for providing event participants with additional information and reminders.

Here are a few details to pay extra attention to on your event confirmation emails:

Always cover the basics

Of course, you want to remind people what they registered for. Make sure the event name is in a prominent spot so attendees know exactly what they’re looking at when they open the email. You’ll also want to provide a handy reference of details such as the time, date, location, etc. (Many people will refer to the email on their phone, especially when they are on the way to the event.)

Create an informative subject line

The subject line should be something event participants will not only find interesting enough to open, but also be able to search for later when they need to remember certain details. For example, “ABC Conference Confirmation and Additional Detail” is a better subject line than just “Confirmation Email.”

Note: Make sure you avoid words that trigger SPAM filters, like “deal,” “please read,” “limited time,” etc. so your email gets to your attendees in the first place!

Include a few extra items to wow your attendees

Now that the bones of your event confirmation email are solid, consider how adding some (if not all) of the following may make your email even more refreshing:

  • Suggestions on where to park or the best route to the venue
  • Public transit information such as bus numbers and stop locations
  • Link to the venue on Google Maps or Waze
  • Suggestions for hotel accommodations, restaurants, and local activities
  • Phone numbers and/or websites for local car rental companies
  • Information for transportation to and from the local airport
  • Sponsor information, including websites and contact info
  • Current weather forecast
  • Dress code (if there is one)
  • What to expect when they arrive
  • Link to an FAQ on your website