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9 Cvent Competitors & Alternatives for Your Next Event

A2Z Team May 5, 2020
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In your search for an event management software, Cvent is likely one of the first software platforms you’ll come across. But don’t let your search stop there! It’s important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of all the top Cvent competitors and alternatives.

Planning, executing, and managing an event is no easy feat, many moving pieces make it is all too easy for important event elements to slip through the cracks. That’s why using a dedicated event management software helps eliminate these occurrences and facilitates a smooth event promotion and planning process for your team.

Although Cvent is equipped to help promote your event and automate manual tasks, its generalized features are not necessarily well-suited to more specific contexts or types of events. The limited attention to user experience and customer service will likely leave you feeling dissatisfied and have you searching for Cvent competitors on the next go around. Whether you represent a nonprofit organization, a business, a university, or any other event planning organization, you deserve to have a software that is equipped to meet your particular needs.

Exploring a few top Cvent alternatives will help your organization be as informed as possible when deciding which software to use for your next event. In this post, we will examine the following top Cvent competitors:

  1. A2Z Events
  2. Regpack
  3. Hubb
  4. Eventable
  5. Attendease
  6. Eventzilla
  7. InviteManager
  8. EventTitans
  9. TicketTailor

With any one of these software platforms, you’ll be equipped to take your events to the next level and streamline your entire event management process. Let’s take a look and you can decide for yourself which is the best for your particular event!

1. Top Cvent Competitor — A2Z Events

See what makes A2Z Events a top Cvent competitor

Overview of This Cvent Alternative

As an industry-leading event management software platform, A2Z Events is a completely configurable set of tools designed to satisfy the needs of a variety of specific audiences and organizations.

This software has many important features that can make managing an event run a lot smoother at a typically more affordable price – including:

  • A custom form builder that allows you to focus the registration process to capture the data you need while keeping the user experience streamlined and fast.
  • A free mobile check-in app for our admins that manages conference attendee data, offers e-ticketing, streamlines the event check-in process.
  • Data management tools that actively engages attendees, provides personal itineraries, highlights social media posts for your #conference, and can immediately survey attendees after sessions and panels.
  • Data management tools that generate regular reports for your administrative team.
  • Payment processing capabilities that are PCI compliant and enable your organizations to safely purchase tickets through the A2Z Events registration portal.

A2Z Events is the perfect choice for a comprehensive event management system that is prepared to help you streamline all aspects of your event.

Why A2Z Events Stands Out

A2Z Events distinguishes itself as the top Cvent competitor and the most customizable event management software thanks to a wide range of tools you can choose from, because we work with your organization to ensure you have exactly what you need to succeed.

If you discover an area of your event management process that would be aided by a software tool that is not currently offered, A2Z Events will work with your team to design and build the tool you need. A2Z Events understands that every organization is different, and offers custom solutions and close one-on-one attention from event tech experts to ensure your event is successful.

Your organization will never be without the tools it needs with this software provider’s help.

For more information, get a free demo of A2Z Events!

2. Top Cvent Competitor — Regpack

See what makes Regpack a top Cvent competitor

Overview of This Cvent Alternative

Regpack, a top-of-the-line event management software that specializes in registration, has all the tools you need in one system. From email marketing to report analysis, this Cvent competitor has you covered.

Regpack offers solutions that will help you:

  • Grow your revenue with tools designed for integrated payment processing, purchase protection, auto-billing, and custom payment reporting. With the easy-to-use interface and customizable reports, you can easily increase the number of people who donate to your organization.
  • Increase attendance rates by offering group registration, a personal schedule and check-in portal, and embedded registration form capabilities. The easier it is for people to register for your event, the more likely they are to complete the process.
  • Effortlessly manage your data with Regpack’s cloud-based, dynamic data reporting tools that allow you to filter, edit, and manipulate data sets with ease. When you have a better understanding of your data, you can better plan for future events!

This software solution can help your organization streamline its operations anytime, anywhere by giving you access to your data from any device.

Why Regpack Stands Out

Regpack’s event registration software stands out as a top Cvent competitor because it operates on a one-of-a-kind conditional logic program that makes registering for events quick and easy. Every user of your software will have a unique experience that has been tailored specifically to them based on their responses throughout the registration form.

The conditional logic creates a clear progression between questions that guarantees that users will only be required to fill out the parts of the form that are relevant to them.

Streamlining the registration process, the user will love how easy it is to register for your events, and the decrease in data influx will cut down on the amount of time you need to spend on administrative tasks. The logic software guides people through the registration process and even directs them to the forms they need, and then it calculates their balances and informs them of their dues.

Find out more about Regpack by visiting their website!

3. Top Cvent Competitor — Hubb

See what makes Hubb a top Cvent competitor

Overview of This Cvent Alternative

Hubb focuses on event content management by offering tools that help manage the online operations of your event. There is so much that goes into a successful event and it’s easy to become overwhelmed at the prospect of arranging everything yourself, especially when we rely so heavily on our digital marketing and materials.

Hubb’s content management event software can help you increase the efficiency of your marketing site and increase attendance at your events. It does this with tools for:

  • Calls for Papers and Abstract Grading. Conferences can easily receive a massive amount of paper submissions, but with this tool, you can easily manage a secure, online call for papers and grade your abstracts. The software allows you to share results with others on the grading panel and accept or deny submissions.
  • Speaker and session management. People are much more likely to attend an event when they know who will be presenting material and leading interesting sessions. You can organize, manage, and display the conference proceedings.
  • Marketing your content. This tool allows you to advertise via your website, social media, and onsite digital signage, as well as any other location you deem important.

Providing information on your event is vitally important if you want a good turnout, and this software is equipped to help you effectively use your content to reach your audience.

Why Hubb Stands Out

Hubb lands in the third spot top Cvent competitors because they care about the user and attendee experience more than anything. Their dedication to providing the best tools possible is evident in their attendee schedule builder and social community.

So many event management platforms have limited use for the actual event attendees, but with Hubb, your attendees can get to know more about your event easily and efficiently. They can build their schedule based on the content you have produced and engage with their fellow attendees before the event even starts!

Learn more about Hubb at their website!

4. Top Cvent Competitor — Eventable

See what makes Eventable a top Cvent competitor

Overview of This Cvent Alternative

Eventable is an easy-to-use event management software designed to improve your organization’s workflow and reduce the amount of time you spend on tedious administrative tasks.

This Cvent competitor offers a series of tools that enable your organization to work more efficiently. With Eventable, you can:

  • Collaborate as a team. Teamwork really does make the dream work and with Eventable, collaborative work does not need to be time-consuming or frustrating. Easily share access to your work with other members of your organization.
  • Integrate with your other software tools. With integration capabilities, you can link all of your systems, meaning you don’t have to worry about importing and exporting data manually.
  • Manage your events on-the-go. Eventable allows you to create, share, and manage your event all from the comfort of your mobile dashboard.

Why Eventable Stands Out

One of the greatest obstacles to event planning, marketing, and management is communication. Eventable, however, has discovered a great solution for the issue of communication: shareable, usable calendars.

Many people use online calendar tools in their daily life and are already accustomed to checking and relying upon their calendar. Eventable has perfected the way you can share a calendar of events with your users.

Their calendar tool includes features like:

  • Embedded, custom-made “Add to calendar” buttons on all communications.
  • Audience segmentation.
  • Custom reminders.

This Cvent competitor is great if you really want to step up the way you spread the word about your events. It can easily provide your team with a better way to ensure your attendees know all the important info.

Find out more about Eventable at their website!

5. Top Cvent Competitor — Attendease

See what makes Attendease a top Cvent competitor

Overview of This Cvent Alternative

Best for managing multiple events, Attendease is an event management solution that allows you to automate all of your events in one centralized software platform. This robust tech-forward Cvent competitor can act as a single source for all of your event management solutions by consolidating the features of multiple tools into one useful resource.

By offering a broad overview of your entire portfolio, managing multiple events has never been easier. Event management is streamlined with the provision of these important features:

  • Flexible forms that enable you to custom build unlimited fields and use global fields to track data across all of the events you offer. You can even embed these forms directly into your website to ensure easy access!
  • Robust registration tools that allow multi-attendee registration, can generate an unlimited number of custom event passes, and manage waitlists automatically.
  • Attention to the attendee experience with a powerful event session manager that you can use to clarify event capacity and waitlists, display session information, and manage multi-day, multi-session events.

Managing multiple events presents its own set of challenges, but Attendease has thought of a solution to all of them!

Why Attendease Stands Out

Having thought of everything, Attendease is an ideal Cvent competitor becaus it understands that managing multiple events doesn’t always look the same for every user. While some users are managing all similar events for the same organization, others need to create and manage events for different units within one organization.

With distinct sub-units within one account, Attendease allows users to create a hierarchy of permissions, limiting the access of some administrators while extending that of others.

These smaller units can each have their own branded style, unique url, and user experience, ensuring the events still reflect the style and desires of the sub-unit.

Check out the Attendease website to learn more!

6. Top Cvent Competitor — Eventzilla

See what makes Eventzilla a top Cvent competitor

Overview of This Cvent Alternative

Eventzilla is an all-in-one event management software that is perfect for conferences, classes, fundraisers, sports, social events, and more. Designed with these specific markets in mind, it has unique and targeted software features that can make your life so much easier.

This Cvent competitor offers useful features, such as:

  • Website creation. Set up a custom site for your event in less than 5 minutes!
  • Attendee surveys. Find out what your attendees love, and what they wish could be different with custom surveys sent out to all attendees at every event.
  • Tailored registration processes. Utilize their simple and mobile-friendly event registration tool to automate waitlists, offer self-service options, and allow multiple registrations.
  • Payment processing. Checking out during registration should be easy with a comprehensive payment processor that accepts a variety of digital tenders.

Eventzilla enables your organization to market its event online with ease and easily share it across multiple spaces, including your blog, website, and Facebook page!

Why Eventzilla Stands Out

Eventzilla is unique in its industry-specific solutions for:

  • Conferences
  • Fundraisers
  • Training and classes

This platform stands out as a great Cvent competitor because they recognize that these fields require specific tools to operate to the best of their ability. Teams working to organize events like nonprofit fundraisers and academic conferences should have advanced tools designed for their field.

From abstract management and session scheduling that is required for academic conferences, to donation collection and automated payments needed for fundraising, to certificate completion tools and course management required for professional training and coursework, Eventzilla is prepared for it all!

Check out the Eventzilla website to find out more!

7. Top Cvent Competitor — InviteManager

See what makes InviteManager a top Cvent competitor

Overview of This Cvent Alternative

InviteManager has found an easy and efficient way to invite and register event attendees without the normal hassle that accompanies this task. Invitations and registration are required for any type of event, but the unexpected obstacles these can cause are often overlooked by event planners. If you find this to be a recurring issue, then you may find it helpful to use an event management system that focuses on these aspects.

This Cvent competitor expertly navigates the complicated waters of event invites and registration by offering:

  • Mobile check-in. Their seamless application allows you to see exactly who shows up at your event and when the arrived. Forget the days of juggling paper guest lists with this feature.
  • Custom registration pages. Capture only the registrant information you need with custom-built registration pages for all of your events.
  • Invitation templates. Create the perfect invitation using one of their many templates and see your attendee numbers climb!

Sending invitations and facilitating the registration process doesn’t need to be a source of stress for your team when it uses a software that specializes in this area.

Why InviteManager Stands Out

Since privacy is of the utmost importance to many organizations. It’s important that your organization’s events are only able to be viewed by individuals who are part of your organization.

InviteManager is a viable Cvent competitor because it allows you to hide your event from the public and determine your privacy settings so you can rest confidently knowing that only those you want seeing your event details will have access.

But the privacy measures from InviteManager don’t stop there! They help you create custom badges for everyone at your event so you can be sure the people at your event were registered through the proper channels. This will not only ensure the right people are at your event, but, as an added bonus, it will help your event attendees get connected at the event itself!

Explore the InviteManager website to learn more!

8. Top Cvent Competitor — EventTitans

See what makes EventTitans a top Cvent competitor

Overview of This Cvent Alternative

EventTitans prides itself on providing event management solutions before the event, on the day of youre event, and after the event. This full spectrum management plan enables your organization to operate with maximum efficiency throughout the entire management process.

From the moment you create your event, to the time when you need to conduct ROI analysis, EventTitans has you covered.

To help you in the time leading up to your event, they offer:

  • CRM access.
  • Event registration and ticketing tools.
  • Marketing and promotion assistance.

During your event, you can take advantage of tools for:

  • Badge printing.
  • Point of sales.
  • Digital agenda management.

After your event, make sure you fully understand the success and limitations of your event with tools like:

  • Event analytics.
  • Social impressions reports.
  • Sponsor and event feedback reports.

With solutions for every phase of event management, this Cvent competitor will easily help you host the perfect event.

Why EventTitans Stands Out

EventTitans is host to a powerful built-in CRM. This feature means that the data you collect is seamlessly held in your data management system and you won’t have to worry about importing and exporting the necessary information, saving your team valuable time and resources.

However valuable this platform is, it also recognizes that while it can provide vital tools like a CRM, it also understands the need to integrate with other software platforms. EventTitans has developed a wide network of involvement by integrating with software in nearly every sector of the event planning world.

Check out the EventTitans website to know more!

9. Top Cvent Competitor — TicketTailor

See what makes TicketTailor a top Cvent competitor

Overview of This Cvent Alternative

The TicketTailor motto is “Low fees. No fuss.” for a reason. Their software platform is extremely low maintenance and easy to use for people with any level of event planning experience, making it a very streamlined Cvent competitor. Their straightforward offerings will help your team:

  • Create your event. A user-friendly control panel will help you manage your event, set ticket types, manage orders, and offer discounts to your attendees.
  • Customize your box office. Create a branded box office website that is mobile-friendly and can embed on your current website and Facebook page.
  • Sell tickets. Supported by Stripe and Paypal, their ticket processing tool allows you to accept any credit or debit card, get notifications for ticket sales via email, and set and keep your own booking fees.

TicketTailor really does take the fuss out of selling tickets by creating a friendly, easy-to-use system and walking you through the entire ticket-selling process.

Why TicketTailor Stands Out

TicketTailor takes their ticket management program one step further by offering event attendee management tools as well. They provide three options for you to choose from when checking in your event attendees.

These include:

  • Printing out a doorlist.
  • Smartphone check-in.
  • Check-in on your computer.

These three event entry options ensure that your organization can personalize its attendee entrance method to best suit its needs, whatever they may be. This attention to personalization demonstrates how much they care about satisfying their users and making their event run as smoothly as possible.

Learn more about TicketTailor at their website!

Don’t let your organization settle for a limited software solution like Cvent without knowing what else is on the market. Use this guide to make an informed decision and find the solution that is best for you!

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