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What is Lead Retrieval and Why is it Important?

A2Z Team May 17, 2019
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In business, productivity and efficiency are essential. That’s no different at conferences and tradeshows. You know the old saying, “time is money.” That sentiment is most accurate when it comes to capturing and following up on leads at an event. The stakes are high as companies invest significantly to exhibit and sponsor at events.

It’s crucial to quantify success and get the highest return on investment: efficiently collecting and following up on all captured leads. However, how can you be efficient when you’re speaking with hundreds of people in one day? You won’t have time to sort through business cards and jot down notes for each one. It will get messy in a hurry and be tough to organize. Enter lead retrieval technology!

What is lead retrieval?

Lead retrieval is a technology for capturing, qualifying, and following up on sales leads generated at a conference or tradeshow.

How does it work?

It starts with an event planner and a lead retrieval technology provider – like us! This partnership connects the attendee database with the lead retrieval technology in a secure manner – GDPR is no joke, and it’s essential to be compliant in 2019. Attendee data is incredibly sensitive, private information which generally includes the following data:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Title
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Country
  • Barcode #
  • Shoe Size (Just kidding!)

This data is included on a printed badge – partially or entirely – and was provided when attendees registered for the event online. As an attendee walks the event floor they speak with various exhibitors. If they find something of interest at the booth, they allow their badge barcode or QR code to be scanned with the lead retrieval device. This scan collects data from the barcode allowing the exhibitor to qualify, prioritize, and follow up with leads after the event concludes.

lead retrieval app scanning badge screen

Scan the Badge

lead retrieval app qualifiers screen

Qualify the Lead

lead retrieval app add notes screen

Attach Notes

follow up with scanned lead

Follow up

What kind of lead retrieval devices are there?

For the most part, these are small handheld devices or personal mobile devices with a lead retrieval app installed for capturing leads.

proscanner lead scanning device option


The latest in scanning technology, the Proscanner speeds up the scanning process.

mobile app lead scanning device option

Mobile Apps

Download the lead retrieval app on your mobile device and start scanning badges.

Why offer lead retrieval at your next conference or tradeshow?

  • Increased exhibitor and event ROI
  • Advanced data insights for exhibitors and event planners
  • No more fumbling with business cards and messy data
  • Allows for quick follow up of scanned leads – personal or automated
  • Integrated with the exhibitor’s CRM software
  • Environmentally friendly
  • To comply with GDPR Regulations
  • Provides an additional channel for event monetization

In the end, exhibitors expect to spend their time at their booth in meaningful ways – networking, meeting people, and growing their business. When provided with a proven and efficient lead capture device that improves their event experience and makes them more productive, they will want it.

If you’d like to learn more about lead retrieval or how we can help with your next event, get in touch with us here.