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Event Planning

The Ultimate Post-Event Checklist for Event Planners

A2Z Team August 15, 2018
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So your event is over, now what? You’ve already impressed your clients with your professionality and expert eye for design, now it’s time to make sure they think of YOU for their next event, and better yet – spread the word.

Staying in contact with your clients and attendees post-event is key to building your business’ success. Not only do you want to ensure the host was 100% satisfied, but that the attendees had a good experience as well and hey, they may even consider you for their next event…

Check out our checklist to make sure that you have what you need post-event!

Write a handwritten thank you note to your client

First and foremost, thank your client for entrusting you with their event. By writing a handwritten note, your letting the client know that you value them and would love to assist them in the future. Plus a personal touch always helps!

Post pictures/videos on social media: Show your creation! You took time and energy to put this amazing event together, so show it off on all social media platforms. This can bring in new clients and inspire others with new event ideas.

If appropriate, send a post-event survey to attendees

This is very event specific, but if appropriate, collect feedback from the attendees. What did they enjoy most about the event? Were the speakers of quality? Was there enough time in between sessions? Any feedback, negative or positive, can help build a better plan for next time!

Helpful Hint: Consider including an “about you” section in your survey to collect basic information on the attendees. Maybe they’ll need an event in the future?

Collect feedback from staff and vendors

A quick post-event debrief with staff and vendors can help target your internal strengths and weaknesses. While collaboration and new ideas can increase quality efficiency and further impress your event attendees.


We saved the best for last! As always, stay in touch with your clients! Whether through social media posts of current events your working on (bring on the pretty pictures!) or even holiday cards (again with the personal touch), you want your clients to automatically think of you when they are ready to plan their next event.