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Event Planning

Essential Features You Should Look for in Event Management Software 

A2Z Team January 25, 2023
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Technology can drastically improve the planning and execution of tradeshows and conferences, but navigating various event management software options can be overwhelming. This blog post will cover what to consider when evaluating different solutions so you can get the most out of your event management technology.  By understanding the features available, organizations can make informed decisions that will help them get the most out of their event management technology investments.   

Floor Plan Management  

Access to an interactive floor plan can be a game-changer for organizers’, exhibitors’, and attendee’ experiences. Event management software should offer tools that allow show organizers to quickly set up, manage, and share the expo floor plan online in real-time using level-based admin access. It should also provide exhibitors with a secure self-service interface to update their online and print directory information as well as add enhanced digital content to increase engagement throughout the show cycle Show organizers should also look for the capability to manage payments, collect online contracts for the booth space as well as feature and sell sponsorship information.  

Moreover, attendees should be able to find exhibitors quickly and efficiently, add them to their favorite list, and create personalized printable walking maps on any device they choose. Visual dashboards and robust reporting should provide mission-critical data in an easy-to-read format at the fingertips of show organizers, helping them make informed decisions that will maximize the efficiency of event management technology investments.  

Powerful Registration Tools

Event registration is an essential part of any successful event. By incorporating features such as online registration, check-in and badge printing, lead retrieval, and attendance tracking into your event management software solution you can ensure a smoother experience for both organizers and guests alike. All of these features help streamline the registration process for your event, making it easier for attendees to get what they need without having to wait in line or manually enter information into your system.  

Additionally, many event management systems offer custom badge printing capabilities which enable you to quickly print out personalized name badges for each attendee onsite. Finally, with lead retrieval and attendance tracking you can capture leads from attendees who have expressed interest in particular products or services featured at the event as well as keep track of who has attended your events over time. In this post-pandemic world, making your registration experience from first clicks to on-site registration is even more important for your audiences.  

Call for Proposals  

In addition to streamlining the processes of organizing a conference or other event, event management software should also provide options for handling the call for proposals. The ideal solution should include a fully responsive Call for Proposals module with solid user experience for conference managers/presenters/graders. This would enable submitters to create or modify their proposals in one central location and then seamlessly publish approved proposals on their chosen website or mobile app.  The software should also be equipped with on-demand reports and dashboards so users can get an up-to-date overview of their proposal submission process at any given time.   

Conference Management  

The right solution should offer robust conference management tools that allow teams to manage session calendars and speaker assignments efficiently. It should also provide features such as the ability to build and update event content in real-time by adding, importing, and editing data for tracks, sessions, sponsors, and speakers; quickly and easily updating sessions anytime and from any device; providing a secure system for speakers to upload bios, handouts, and photos; enabling attendees to browse sessions, mark those they plan to attend, and submit questions to speakers before, during, or after the session; among other features.  

Mobile App  

A mobile app is a great way to provide a more engaging experience for attendees of your event. When seeking out an event management software solution, look for features such as: 

  • A no-code application – the ability to create an event app without having to code; 
  • Sponsors/exhibitors profile pages – show off your sponsors or exhibitors with profile pages that can include contact information and featured products; 
  • Registration system integrations – integration with existing registration systems to quickly get attendees into the app; 
  • Featured billboard carousel – showcase important messages or upcoming events on a home screen carousel; 
  • Event feeds/directories – easily direct attendees to specific areas or activities within the event via an interactive directory; 
  • Polling/survey tools – capture real-time feedback from attendees on various topics with polls and surveys; 
  • An app-generated event website – build a custom website for your event in minutes; 
  • Notification settings center – communicate with all attendees at once through push notifications and emails; 
  • With these features, you can ensure that all attendees have an enjoyable experience by creating an immersive environment that keeps them engaged both before and during the event. 

Essential Features for Attendee Experience  

Security management, attendee profiles, and matchmaking between exhibitors and attendees are vital features that can give your event attendees a truly personalized and engaging experience your audiences demand.  

Security preferences ensure that attendees have control over who they share their profile data, while privacy settings and permission controls guarantee peace of mind. By leveraging the power of AI and custom interest tags, matchmaking takes the guesswork out of networking and content placement to ensure buyers and sellers alike have a successful event. Furthermore, powerful search, intelligent recommendations, and appointment scheduling (in-person or virtual/hybrid) enable you to create meaningful connections and curate experiences for your audiences.  

Essential Features for the Exhibitor Experience  

Event management software with custom analytics, forms, and task management is essential for a successful exhibitor experience. Custom forms allow you to capture all the critical information you need from your exhibitors in just a few clicks. Exhibitor analytics provide meaningful insights into who your attendees are and what they’re looking for from their experience. With task management, you can set up tasks for your exhibitors to view and manage on their hub dashboard. Each task can be a simple reminder to mark off, a clickable link to an external vendor, or assign a specific form you have created right within the system – making it easier than ever to streamline the exhibitor experience.  


Overall, event management technology can be a powerful tool for creating unique, custom experiences for attendees and exhibitors. From message management to matchmaking capabilities to custom forms and task management, it’s important to evaluate the features available and make sure they fit your needs. Doing so will ensure you get the most out of your event management software investments.  

It’s all about creating an enjoyable experience for all involved to maximize engagement and reach desired objectives. Investing in the right event management technology is a great way to do that! Learn more about how A2Z Events can help you with your next tradeshow or conference.