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10 Online Event Registration Tips That Sell Out Events

A2Z Team November 28, 2018
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Looking to pick up some tips on how you can make your online event registration smooth sailing for your future attendees? We all know that one of the hardest parts in planning any event is getting your attendees in the door!

Check out our quick list to see how you can make your online event registration system easy and seamless for any potential attendee.

  1. Make your online event registration form match the look and feel of your website. A consistent look helps registrants feel comfortable with the process and looks professional.
  2. Have a clearly visible and friendly cancellation and refund policy. If you don’t want to offer refunds, at least allow people to transfer their registration to someone else.
  3. List a name and phone number of a real person registrants can contact if they have questions. Most people won’t call, but they like to know the option is there.
  4. Don’t offer too many registration options. If people have to spend time thinking about what to select they may decide to come back later…or never.
  5. Only ask for individual ticket holder names when you really need them. Asking for the name of each ticket holder complicates the purchase as most of the time people don’t know the names and if they do, they often change before the event anyway.
  6. Make the form do the price calculation based on the selections people make. It’s easier for the registrant and you can trust the math.
  7. Don’t require people to create an account before they can register. Why would someone want to sign up with an online registration provider and give their information to another company just so they can register for your event?
  8. No ads and no Flash – the goal of the form is to get people to click the “register” button at the bottom of the form and you don’t want to distract them in any way. Plus, ads on forms are tacky.
  9. Test your form in different browsers, especially if you have people using outdated browsers. What looks good or works in one may not in another.
  10. Get the least computer savvy person you know, or at least someone who hasn’t seen the form before, to try to register while you watch. You might be surprised by what stops or confuses them.

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