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Event Planning

5 Creative Lounge Ideas to Spice Up Your Next Event

A2Z Team July 25, 2018
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With over 7.9 million conferences and tradeshows put on every year in the United States alone, it’s important to make your company stand out. Designing an inviting room can be a real challenge, whether that’s hosting an evening networking event or creating a lounge your customers can escape to for a short break.

We’ve compiled a list of ideas to help differentiate your lounge and create an unforgettable networking experience that your clients are sure to talk about:

Mood Lighting

A few flickering candles and some elegantly strung cafe lights can change the entire environment of a room. Mood lighting creates a more comfortable environment for meaningful conversations and is the perfect accessory to a room lacking just a little something.

Scenic View

Give your attendees something to talk about with a view they will not forget. In busy cities it can be hard to attract people to your evening events (with so much around town to see), so make your networking event the attraction! Consider renting out a rooftop patio overlooking the city at sunset, or a private lounge that looks out at Wrigley Field. While these venues may be more of a cost on the budget, the pictures posted on social media are sure to be the talk of the town.

Brand Centered

Create a lounge inspired by your company or clients theme. Use the company colors in the pillows, flowers, and general decor to make the room pop with a branded vibe. Refer the clients you meet at the conference or tradeshow to your lounge to relax and get a real feel for your company. This is an additional opportunity to show off your brand loud and proud!

Cozy and Comfortable

They always say comfort is key! You want your attendees to be able to open up and feel at ease in their environment. When picking a venue or selecting furniture for your lounge, make sure you have style AND comfort in mind. Allow plenty of seating for conversation, add some decor and mood lighting, and overall ensure the room does not have that “stiff and cold” feeling.

Technologically Savvy

In today’s world, staying connected is crucial. Make sure there is access to power outlets and if not, consider selecting furniture including USB ports and charging centers. This way attendees can focus less on their phone or computer and more on the face-to-face networking opportunity in front of them.